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Our widget is incredibly easy to use, even for non-technical users. It can be set up quickly and easily, with no complex coding required.

No Registration Required

Unlike many other services, smrtAI does not require any initial registration to use the basic Live Chat widget. This means businesses can start engaging with their customers in real-time immediately.

Powered by OpenAI APIs

Our chatbot is powered by OpenAI APIs, providing sophisticated conversational capabilities. This ensures our chatbot can understand and respond to a wide range of customer inquiries effectively and accurately.


Our freemium business model allows businesses to use our Live Chat widget for free. They only need to pay if they want to connect to other channels, making our service an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Multichannel Integration

We offer seamless integration across multiple platforms, including email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This ensures businesses can reach their customers wherever they are.

Customizable Chatbot

Our platform allows businesses to create a fully customized chatbot tailored to their specific needs. With the ability to define custom bot scripts, configure conversational flows, and incorporate industry-specific terminology, businesses can provide a personalized and engaging chatbot experience for their customers.

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  • 1 LiveChat widget
  • Up to 250 Messages per month
  • Basic chat customization
  • Basic support
  • Predefined bot scripts


the starter choise


  • Up to 5 LiveChat widgets
  • Up to 5,000 Messages per month
  • Enhanced chat customization options
  • Priority email support
  • Access to advanced bot scripts


the starter choise


  • Unlimited LiveChat widgets
  • Up to 10,000 Messages per month
  • Advanced chat customization with the ability to remove our branding
  • Dedicated human support: Get a dedicated account manager and faster response times
  • VIP access to new features and updates

Case study

“Within a span of a few months, Vasilkoff Ltd. reported an increase in customer retention and a more streamlined support process, all thanks to the LiveChat widget. The company's commitment to leveraging the latest digital tools, like our widget, truly underscores their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.”

“AI capabilities meant it could operate round-the-clock without any human intervention, ensuring seamless operations even during non-business hours. It effectively tackled frequent and repetitive questions, allowing the human support team to focus on more complex issues. This redistribution of tasks led to a smoother, more efficient operational flow”

“The implementation of our AI-Powered LiveChat Widget proved to be a game-changer for Inter Euro. Not only did the widget offer instantaneous responses to general legal inquiries, but it also provided immediate guidance to potential clients on the appropriate legal experts they should consult, based on their unique concerns.”

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